Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sugar Daddy's Dream Desserts Now Available!!!!

The Mini Indulgence

The Center of Peanut Butter

Passion for Peppermint!!

Our Chocolate Extreme
Peanut Butter Mania

Sugar Daddy's Dream Desserts!!!
Sorry it's been so long! But I wanted to just drop a note to those few of you that actually read this blog.
I have a new venture that I want to share with you! It's called Sugar Daddy's Dream Desserts.
I have decided to let my love of desserts take over. So here are a few pictures of a few of my creations. Just remember you don't have to feel you are stuck just with the pictures. If you catch yourself drooling on the screen just give me a yell and we can ship them to you or anyone else you might know who would enjoy them.
Live, Love, Eat!! Enjoy!!!!!

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