Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sugar Daddy's Dream Desserts Now Available!!!!

The Mini Indulgence

The Center of Peanut Butter

Passion for Peppermint!!

Our Chocolate Extreme
Peanut Butter Mania

Sugar Daddy's Dream Desserts!!!
Sorry it's been so long! But I wanted to just drop a note to those few of you that actually read this blog.
I have a new venture that I want to share with you! It's called Sugar Daddy's Dream Desserts.
I have decided to let my love of desserts take over. So here are a few pictures of a few of my creations. Just remember you don't have to feel you are stuck just with the pictures. If you catch yourself drooling on the screen just give me a yell and we can ship them to you or anyone else you might know who would enjoy them.
Live, Love, Eat!! Enjoy!!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Times to be remembered

So I loaded up my middle Little's on Wend. morning and headed out to go get some Spiderman stickers for Chasen's pottie chart and Brielle's chore chart. They couldn't wait. Well as we entered into Walmart they had character kites for $3.00. I knew there was a storm brewing and thought it was a perfect time. So of course I picked up one for each of them.

After lunch we set out to fly our kites. The kids LOVED it! They thought it was the coolest thing, and as their father, I did too. It was so great to see them running around the park with there little bodies holding on to these flying kites. It was a great and memorable moment for all.

Well that night the winds picked up and we woke up to snow. Only in Colorado. The snow persisted all day until the schools decided to close. So we decided to go get Avery and pick up a few loose ends at the store, & return home for a family movie day. Once we got the driveway in a condition to get the car up it into the garage we finally settled down to watch "Bolt". It was a pretty good flick. Then the girls wanted to watch Barbie Thumbelina. The boys signed off. Once all the movies were finished the kids wanted to make play dough, so we made blue play dough. Boy did they love that! The 3 oldest built all kinds of stuff while Daxton tore around the house with his new found movements!! Yes my little boy is walking!!!!

As allot of you know time flies with kids and its time to eat again! So the kids and Courtney may Pepperoni Pizzas for dinner and enjoyed those.
The day finally came to a close with 12 inches of snow accumulated. (I think I shoveled at least 4 times. Not including this morning.)

We all cleaned up and each cuddled and snuggled in their beds for the night.
This was a day of great memories. These are the times that cannot be missed.
These are the times to be remembered!!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where have all the leaders gone?!

So I have been doing allot of reading and research on these new purposed and now new legislation's. What on earth is this nation coming to? When did we say it was okay to let these schmucks in Washington spend all our hard earned tax dollars frivolously!!! Don't get me wrong I am all for great programs that work. Nothing is working and I don't think throwing money at ridiculous things is going to work. The only thing I can think of is that they all live in another world. Their world. What happened to "by the people for the people." Where have all the leaders gone?

When was it okay to support and back the "entitlement Syndrome"? I know, let's give everybody what they think they deserve and more for doing less than they ever have! Nothing good can come of that! Look at California the easiest and most well paid welfare system in the nation. Not a wonder why everybody flocks there. Don't forget they like to spend and not cut.

There are people out there that need assistance & deserve it. Those people are not who I am talking about. Who's regulating these programs that always get passed? Where have all the leaders gone?

I hate to think what our Fore Fathers would be saying to us if they came back and saw what was going on. These men had vision! They new that freedom wasn't free. It came at a great cost to them and those who sealed it with their blood. They understood that there is a price for freedom. No matter what that cost was it was paid because they knew and understood that freedom was worth it. Where is that mentality. Why aren't the American people up in arms? Have we given up? Why are we taking these things laying down! I just heard that American Idol had 10,000,000 more votes last night than last year. What does this tell us? More people want to bury their head in a reality show than take action and make waves in the political chaos. I can't believe it. Your vote might make a difference on the show but that vote doesn't get your future and children's future back.

It is a sad day when more people think is more important to vote American Idol than a Political Election.

I know everyone has their own beliefs and ideas. Now is the time to stand up for those ideals. I don't really care at this point what they are. I just would like to see more people doing something!! This is what makes America great. All the different ideas and philosophies.

Let us no matter what our differences come together for the future of our children and the good of our Country.

The difference between a good leader and a great leader is he or she amongst all differences looks for the similarities and good in all situations and people!

I wish those prideful, greedy, over-paid so called leaders would understand that a little better.

Where have all the leaders gone? Crazy!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Does it get any better!

Wednesday Daxton and I had a half a day to spend together as the "Middle Littles" and Courtney went to the zoo with friends.
So of course we had to go to a manly store ( Home Depot). Then we shared a triple cheeseburger, fries and a Dr. Pepper at a drive up (JB"s).
Does it get any better!

Daxton waiting for our food

Daxton asking for more burger!

Tender Mercies

On Jan. 31, 2009 I was able to see one of my dreams come true. I was able to baptize one of my own children into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It was a great emotional & spiritual experience. To be able to hold the Priesthood and act in Jesus Christs' name as if he were here Himself and baptize my child into His church is an indescribable event.

Some of my family members were able to travel on a very short trip and join in on this glorious event & weekend.

The weekend was full of great and spiritual times. It all started just having my family here with me. Then I was able to attend the temple with my family members. To be in the temple with those family members we are sealed to is the greatest of blessings & feelings! Because of the distance between all of us it had been many years since this last happened. This made it even more special.

Then of course the baptism. A day that will always be close to my heart. Our Heavenly Father is full of tender mercies. It is true we live in very unstable & perilous times, but it is also true that our Heavenly Father, if we choose to see them sends us many tender mercies. This weekend was a true tender mercy that has been sent directly from my Heavenly Father and I thank Him will all my heart for the little things that matter.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Kiddie day!!

We'll, I woke up this morning thinking that since it is suppose to be gorgeous weather today I would take my two "middle littles" to the park! They have had enough of the noggin channel we need an out of the house day! So as you can tell they started there day with a well balanced breakfast.

Then we headed to the park and played and had a ball for a couple of hours. After that I thought it would be fun to take them bowling. I was right! Brielle & Chasen thought it was the greatest thing (Even the fancy shoes)! Chasen had his own way of bowling in the beginning, he would set the ball down and kick it. Brielle decided to just huck that ball as far as she could.
After the first 5 frames Chasen was done and set himself on the step and enjoyed a candy bar.
After bowling their first ever game we decided to end the event with lunch together.
Enjoy all our pictures of our fantastic day!
These are the moments that are remembered!!!!!
Thanks Brielle & Chasen for showing me a great time!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A season of great joy!

This holiday season has brought great amounts of gratitude to my heart.
This post is dedicated to my family who bring such great joy & happiness to me!


My loving wife! Where would we be without you and all you do in our home. e.g laundry, dishes, cleaning up after everyone, keeping a clean home, shopping frugally (every husband loves that!) & loving everyone know matter how frustrating we can get.

With out you, I would not have my 4 beautiful children!

Thanks for putting up with all my crazy ideas even when they don't work out.

I love your creative talents that have make our house a home.

I am grateful for the sacrifices you have put forth this past year and the sacrifices you are willing to put forth on our new adventure.

What more could I ask fort his holiday season, I'm married my best friend!

I love you Honey!

You are my oldest and I am very proud of you! It is not always the easiest thing to be the oldest. I am grateful for your patience in dealing with me when I seem to put to much responsibility on you as the oldest.

I am grateful for your earnest studying you have put forth before you baptism.

I am grateful for you strong desire to be baptised for the right reasons.

I love the way you treat everyone at your school (student & teachers). It always reminds me that I too need to be polite and friendly to everyone.

You are a great blessing to this family and I thank my Heavenly Father for you!
I love you Avery!


Where do I began my little Actress. I am grateful for ability to help me remember to be young.

I love your awesome sense of humor & deeply grateful for it. You are my bucket of laughs! I don't think anyone makes me laugh as you do. Your desire to dance is another thing I love about you, such grace (maybe that is why your middle name is grace?)!

I love you Brielle Grace!!


My first boy!! I am so grateful that the Lord has blessed me with such a great little missionary!

Your eagerness (at 2 yrs) to help others blow me away! Though your energy sometimes drives me crazy I know that as you grow older it will be one of your strengths and it teaches me patience.
Love you Chasen!


My barrel of fun! I have always been a smile kinda guy. I love smiles. Know one I know has more of a contagious smile than you! Even on the hardest of days I can count on you and your smile to change my countenance and uplift me.

I couldn't imagine a better close to our eternal family!

Thanks Dax I love you!